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Purpose of the Award
Peoria Arts Commission is pleased to support the Art Grant Program. The purpose of the grant program is to inspire, enhance and support the Arts in the City of Peoria.
The Peoria Arts Commission will be awarding Arts Grants, with individual awards of up to $5,000 (based on City Council budget approval) for Programs, Festivals, Performances, Gallery/Exhibits and Workshops.
Art program grants are available to qualified fine arts organizations of all sizes, whose primary mission is to produce, present or serve the arts. The Peoria Arts Commission defines Fine Arts as visual art and performing art forms. Visual Arts include: painting, drawing, ceramics, sculpture, photography, printmaking and mixed media. Performing Arts include music (Instrumental and Voice) Dance and Theater. To be considered an Arts Institution/Organization, the majority of product is Art by definition.
If you have any questions about the application or granting procedures, please contact Susan Hardman, Arts Coordinator, at 623-773-5254 or or Andre Licardi, Arts Coordinator, at 623-773-7938 or
Applicants must meet all the eligibility requirements and submit a grant proposal application to be considered. The deadline for submitting the application is April 2, 2020. Applications must be concise, state the purpose of the grant, time frame, budget and be filled out completely.
Dates & Times
Timezone: Arizona Mountain Time
Application Period:
Start: January 30, 2020 (05:00 PM)
End: April 02, 2020 (12:00 PM)
Art Grant Overview and Guidelines Important Conditions of Award
I. Overview
The Peoria Arts Commission is committed to enhancing the quality of life in the community by fostering and supporting cultural opportunities for both local artists and the general public. The City of Peoria provides Arts Grants to assist with the costs of connecting artists, or their artistic works, with the community. These special programs and arts experiences serve to fulfill public value for the arts and become the rationale for the investment of public funds in these areas. Program Grants are available to Fine Arts as visual art and performing art forms.
II. Timeframe
Art Program Grant awards will be announced at the end of August 2020. Final reports from awarded recipients are due April 2, 2021.
III. General Guidelines
Organizations: At the time of application, the applicant organization must be a tax-exempt, non-profit organization under Section 501 (c)(3) of the U.S. Internal Revenue Code. Organizations without this status must apply through a fiscal agent, which is a tax-exempt, non-profit organization or through a government agency.
Schools: Applicants schools must be located within the City of Peoria or have a portion of enrollment area within the City of Peoria. The festival and or performance must be held in the City of Peoria.
IV. Funding Amount and Reimbursement
Applicants may request up to $5,000 per application and grant awards may be less. The applicant is not required to provide matching funds. Grant funds may be distributed on a reimbursement basis. The grantee is responsible for submitting supporting documentation (copies of paid invoices, receipts, financial reports etc.) adequate to demonstrate that cost claims have been incurred and are applicable to the grant. All expenditures must occur no later than April 2, 2021.
V. Important Conditions of the Award
The grant applicant agrees to the following contract conditions by accepting a grant award from the City of Peoria’s Arts Commission:
1. No person shall be denied access to, or participation in, the performance or event based on race, color, national origin, sex, religion, age, or disability.
2. Grants are awarded from the date of the executed contract through April 2, 2021. An award does not guarantee or imply support in subsequent years.
3. Grant funds may be distributed based on a reimbursement basis.
4. Non-school performances must be open to all residents of Peoria and held in Peoria. Grant funds cannot be used for private or exclusive showings.
5. Organizations participating in a city-sponsored event must provide proof of insurance with the City of Peoria listed as Additionally Insured. Insurance is due one month prior to the scheduled performance/display project date.
6. News/press releases regarding events should be promoted in Peoria publications such as, but not limited to the Peoria Times and the Arizona Republic.
7. Arts Program grant funds may not be used for construction or renovation of facilities, basic operating support, other capital expenditures, or reductions of debts.
8. Grant funds may not be used to support events which constitute a religious worship or which would advance or promote a religion or religious purpose.
9. Grantees shall expend funds awarded only for the purposes and uses specified in the approved grant application.
10. Grantees are required to complete an annual progress and expense report on forms provided on Submittable by the City of Peoria no later than April 1, 2021. This will include: project summary, program achievements, a closing itemized financial report, receipts, and general observations. Failure to complete the annual progress report and submit by the deadline specified will impact future grant requests. The Grantees will be required to provide, in writing, a request for extension on final report if their programming extends beyond the deadline of April 1, 2021 to stay eligible for future grants.
11. Groups receiving grant awards from the City of Peoria Arts Commission will acknowledge this support in all programs, press releases and advertisements for grant-supported activities with the following credit line: “(name of organization) is supported in part by a grant from the Peoria Arts Commission.” Failure to acknowledge support may jeopardize future grant requests.
12. The Peoria Arts Commission will not consider applications for projects which promote, contain or advance the following:
• Political activities, candidates or issues
• Pornography or sexually explicit or suggestive materials
• Substance abuse or the use of any illegal substance
• Excessive violence
• Material which advocates or implies the discrimination of, or degradation of any person because of that person’s race, color, religion, national origin, sex, or disability
Grant Application Components
1. Application to be completed online at
2. Grant Budget to be uploaded
3. A copy of the U.S. IRS letter documenting Section 501 (c)(3) tax exempt status.
4. A list of the applicant’s Board of Directors and staff members
5. If applicable, letter of support from each institutional partner.
6. Applications must include a Program Outline  and an Operational Budget that details the lesson plan/s or detailed activity plan. This information should include the number of artists/instructors (number of hours and hourly rate, materials, supplies and equipment (expenses: costumes, paint, sheet music, etc.) and consumables (handouts/takeaways).
Submittal Directions: Submit the completed application and applicable attachments via by April 2, 2020.
Application Evaluation and Selection Process:
The evaluation process will begin after the grant application due date. Each application will be reviewed to ensure that it is eligible for funding based on compliance with the guidelines indicated in the grant application instructions.
Applications that fail to meet requirements may be rejected and will not be further evaluated. If the grant application meets all eligibility requirements, it will be evaluated by a grant review committee based on the criteria outlined in the application instructions.
Process Applications are available for entry January 30, 2020, 5:00 PM, MST. Applications close April 2, 2020, 12:00 AM, MST. Panel will review and score grant applications and recommend award amounts to the Arts Commission. Panel review recommendations will be reviewed by the Arts Commission in early May 2020. The recommendations will be forwarded to the Peoria City Council for their review in mid June 2020. Award announcements will be made at the end of August 2020.
Grant Request:
A. Overview
1. Please describe your grant request and the proposed activities..
2. How will the proposed program or activity serve the residents of Peoria?
B. Project / Organizational Quality
1. Who are the artists, exhibitors, consultants involved in your project? Include their background and experience and how their expertise will enhance your project.
2. What are the aspects of your project that support the mission, vision and strategic plan of your organization.
C. Project/ Organization Capability
1. What resources and expertise does your organization have in order to adequately administer this project.
2. Give examples of previous projects/programs managed by your organization that exhibit similarities to this project.
3. What are the measurement and evaluation tools used during this project to measure success?
4. Applications must include a lesson plan or detailed activity plan. This information should include the number of artists/instructors (number of hours and hourly rates) materials, supplies and equipment (costumes, paint, sheet music, etc.) and consumables (handouts/ takeaways).
Grant deadline: April 2, 2020
If you require further information, please contact:
Susan Hardiman, 623-773-5254 or or
Andre Licardi,623-773-5193 or
Thank you and good luck!
For technical problems please contact Submittable by email

Please Note:

  • Organizations that do not submit a final report will be ineligible to receive funding in the next grant cycle. 
  • You will need to contact Susan at 623-773-5254 to submit a late report. Late reports subject the organization to a ten-point reduction in the next grant cycle application. 
  • Any Grantees that require additional time due to special circumstances must contact our office prior to March 1st, 2020 to avoid penalties. 

Your participation in our City of Peoria, 

Arts & Cultural Survey will help us establish priority and pertinent programming for each Community we serve. Thank you!

The City of Peoria, Arizona